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Anonymous said: why do you hate Malia?


man i’m about to go so in depth with this

when malia was first introduced, i was so excited. cute werecoyote girl who would have to work through killing 50% of her family and being a coyote since she was nine? YES PLEASE

and then everything went to shit and she became my second most hated female character of all time (but climbing to number one so go her!!)

friendly reminder that malia’s first interaction with stiles is punching him in the face!!!!

and even though she’s been a rabid coyote since she was 9, she’s totally ready to sleep with stiles???? what?????

then in this new episode, she was a totAL fucking asshole, which everyone excused with the fact that she’s been a coyote since she was nine.


if malia’s mind is well developed enough to have sex, reasonable knowledge of personal grooming and makeup, get checked out of a mental hospital, know how to dirty dance, have a romantic relationship, and go to a fucking high school after being rabid since she was 9, I THINK SHE CAN AFFORD TO LEARN HUMAN DECENCY.

malia made it clear that she didn’t give a flying FUCK about scott, lydia, or kira, only stiles, and that everyone (excluding stiles) could live or die- she didn’t give a shit

she lets stiles excuse her shitty behavior while making it clear that not only is she not sorry, but that she’s not going to even try to change

she forced scott to talk about allison (THE RECENTLY DECEASED LOVE OF HIS FUCKING LIFE) when everyone else (particularly scott) was clearly uncomfortable with that

stiles is written EXTREMELY ooc in order for their relationship to work. he doesn’t defend his friends from her rudeness, and makes excuses for her every five minutes 

they literally have stiles like: “stop being scared lydia!!!111 my werecoyote gf who has healing powers and kira with her might be in trouble of her own fault!!!!111 yeah scott please explain about allison when i clearly know how much that broke your fucking heart!!!11 i love you malia!!!!11”

here’s a lovely actual quote from Malia’s actress on her and stiles relationship:

"Malia’s very aggressive. She’ll physically grab him, and that means she loves him, as opposed to brushing his face with her hands. She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love. It’s like Malia’s the big spoon, and Stiles is the little spoon…he’s willing to shrink around her."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? that’s fucking disgusting, because that’s ABUSE. “wow, she punches him instead of hugging him!!!! how romantic!!!” shut the fuck up, that’s gross as shit

and a real relationship is where two people bloom around each other. SHRINKING AROUND SOMEONE IS NOT LOVE OR EVEN REMOTELY HEALTHY BYE

other than being rude as fuck, sexualized, or there for stiles to act completely different so they can kiss, there is no fucking point to malia tate. she is gross and disrespectful and yes, i hate her. 

give me more kira, who is patient and intelligent and a fucking beautiful person. give me more ass kicking, name taking braedon, who doesn’t care what other people think and keeps fighting no matter what. give me more lydia martin, who lost her best friend in the entire world just two months ago and who is having to pretend like she is okay

give me back allison argent, my warrior queen. give me bacj erica reyes, who  had a heart wrapped in armor but still managed to love others so fiercely. give me back cora hale, who didn’t take anybody’s shit and believed in pack. 

until then, i’ll be over here, slam dunking malia tate and her shittiness into the trash where they belong


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in which stiles is an amazing liar

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UGHh the way Regina looks at Emma though

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Things that ruined my life



A brunette and a blonde ship


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Apr 17

Dean Winchester in Camelot.

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